Bible Study Topics

Bible study topics are particularly helpful in preparing lessons or sermons. One very important caveat needs to be kept in mind and that is the topics themselves, along with whatever might be written about them, reflect the mind of the writer. The writer’s perspective is often found in the name of the topical Bible. Another caveat is that too much reliance on a topical Bible can actually narrow your study, rather than broadening it. This is because its use relies on the writer’s perspective.

Your own reading of the Bible may well be more thorough, or your understanding deeper than what a topical study provides. Some chain references are included as footnotes in the text that lead to a column of references between the texts columns. These lead the reader to other verses that the preparer believes helps you to understand the verse you just read. As with all systems like this, the prejudice and limitations of the author must be kept in mind so that the system doesn’t supersede the scripture itself.

Bible study topics are natural categories from the Bible. These study topics flow from inside the individual to outside relationships. Friendliness/helpfulness to nonbelievers: start with God’s plan in the abstract and for his own glory first. But at the same time, emphasize the necessity of repentance from sin for union with Christ, to enable continued spiritual growth. Bible topics are age appropriate and encourage students to grow in discipleship and become devoted followers of Christ.

Proper Bible study topics are varied and are planned so they are appropriate for current events and the life stories of those who attend. Study topics are always relevant and exciting for today and provide a source of love and encouragement as they practice their faith.

Here’s thought for a great Bible study lesson. We all want to love God more than anything and give Him priority in our lives but……The truth is that most of us aren’t there yet. Why? Maybe because we don’t know that we love other things more than we love God. Love isn’t something you can show or give with word’s you do it with your acts.

By reading Bible study books and praying we get to know God, which means the more we read and the more we pray the faster we get to know God. Free Bible study guides are your key to understand what the Bible says about prophecy, health, death, Bible history, and other crucial Bible study topics.

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